About us



Hello, I’m Irene! Welcome!

I believe in the Motion, in every its form able to rich the Women life in every level! I deeply believe that starting with the awareness Pregnancy, it is possible to give to the life healthy and happy Babies for a better Future!

I’m a Perinatal Educator, Physical Education trainer, Oriental Dance teacher, masseuse for Pregnant Women and Chef.

I love to take care of Women health through the Harmonic Motion, bodily awareness, respect and listening of personal Femininity, Massage and good and healthy Food!



Hello, I’m Cris! Welcome!

I truly believe in self development: evolving in every aspect of life overcoming limitations and becoming the best version of ourselves!

As a scientist and musician I know that everything in this Universe is energy in motion and vibration. For this reason I believe that coherently moving the body, mind, emotions and energy is the key of a fulfilled happy life!

As a man and dad I believe that Men are ready to embrace their masculinity without being afraid to be sensitive and supportive.

As a human being I believe that We as a whole are ready for creating a World where balance and happiness are the keywords in all relationships between Men and Women.