Motion in Pregnancy: Smiling Tummies


Through the Motion we accompany the Growth of a new Life!

Of all the phases Pregnancy represents one of the most intense moments for the Woman that becomes Mother, giving to the light a new Life.

The Pregnancy will totally involve also the Baby with whom the Mother will grow together, sharing every moment, rhythms, thoughts, emotions and moods in this joyous and adventurous experience.

It will be a special relationship of total sharing between Mom and baby that will create the bases of their future Life together and the trust towards the world that will welcome them!

Do you know how important is to live Pregnancy with the Smile and without insecurities for the Mom and the Baby?

Do you wish a Serene and physiological Pregnancy?

Are you curious to know the true meaning of the pain during the Labour, Contractions and Childbirth? And, do you want learn how to manage and transform the pain in a valuable ally?

Do you know how important is a Happy Pregnancy for a harmonic psychophysical recovery of the Mom together with the Baby?

Do you wish to involve the Dad (or your beloved) in all phases of Pregnancy for creating an even stronger bond and for growing together from the beginning?

Motion, Respect for the new Natural Rhythms, Awareness of the body and a Positive Attitude are the keywords that answer these questions!

Following our Method, we will help you to create your personal tools for promoting your health and that of your Baby. Knowing your body and taking care of it, moving with awareness, creating a deep relationship of listening and communication with the baby you will live Pregnancy with all the Sacred intensity it deserved to be lived. All this shared together with the future Dad or the persons you love taking part to this exciting adventure!

While having fun we will accompany you reaching these goals through:

·  Harmonic motion of the body for activating and toning the muscular bands of support and protection of the body, taking easily awareness of use the pelvic floor (very important during the Labour and Childbirth), relaxing the muscles usually more stressed and so under tension (shoulders, lower back, hips, legs) and for easily reaching the most useful position for the Labour and the Childbirth

·  Pelvic floor awareness for taking care of the perineum during Pregnancy, giving a support to the Baby during the Labour and Childbirth. For knowing the right movements to do for preventing unpleasant situations after Birth and for having a faster recovery

·  Breathing exercises and use of the voice for relaxing the body and the mind, for testing  some different ways of breathing (clavicular, thoracic, abdominal breathing: special breathing during Labour and Birth), for knowing the power of the voice through the song and harmonics for relieving the pain during the Labour and Childbirth and for economizing the energy of the body using it better during the contractions and the pushes


·  Harmonic and expressive dance for having fun with the live music, free dance inspired from the emotions. The basic steps of the ancient Oriental Feminine Dance will be the Masters that will teach to the basin the right harmonic motions for cradling, cuddling and playing with the baby when he is in your tummy or in your arms. This undulated and circular movements will help your baby to assume the right position for the birth during the last month of Pregnancy, helping the basin during the birth, containing the pain while focalised on the baby

·  Visualization techniques that we will propose for the relaxation during the lesson but also taught for using as valuable instrument and reference point for resuming concentration or calmness whenever you need it

Through the Motion we will help you to be aware and then to be free to decide how you wish to live the Pregnancy and to be able to do it together with the baby and the people that you love more!

Motion During Pregnancy

The baby and the Mom are deeply connected sharing emotions, thoughts and physiological status at the same time. Moving and Dancing relaxes the mind, its fun and increases the production of oxytocin. The child grows happy while feeling a joyful and serene Mother experiencing positive emotions from the surrounding environment!

Did you know that Harmonic movements

·   Reduce stress and tensions and improve the sleep quality

·  Reinforce the body in particular: perineum, abdomen, lumbar and dorsal

·  Are good for the blood circulation keeping your heart and lungs vital

·  Protect the spinal column giving a correct posture

·  Keep your body flexible

·  Increase the skin elasticity

·  Teach you to listen to your body finding your own genuine movements

·  Give you confidence in your body

·  Give you a good grounding of both body and mind

·  Teach you the correct way of breathing

·  Help to live your emotions without losing control being more centred

·  Allow to share unique experiences with the tribe of future Moms (Tribe effect)

·  Lead to creativity in a new optimistic vision of life

·  Create a special emotional communication with the baby

·  Help to keep the correct posture of the baby during the Birth

Why Motion for and during the Labour

The strong connection created with the motion and the dance will help the Mother and the baby on this unique journey of the childbirth, characterized by a deep listening and mutual communication. The Labour will then be lived not only as an important moment but also as a very positive experience!!!

·  Gives a higher awareness for a more natural birth

·  Breathing exercises can be used during the childbirth for muscle’s control and relaxation as well as recovering the energy

·  Enhances clarity of mind and presence during the childbirth

·  Increases the flow of natural oxytocin

·  More relaxed pelvis and hips help to assume the right posture during the labour

·  Once the childbirth spontaneously begins, moving harmoniously the pelvis, can shorten the labour, helping its natural progression

·  Conscious breathing, presence in your body and good feeling with your baby will help to save energy and push properly during contractions

·  Helps to live the labour with joy and naturalness

Motion after Childbirth!

Its time to celebrate!!! Moving your body and Dancing together with the baby after Childbirth, when you will feel ready, is a deep and fun experience! The Mom’s embrace simulates the uterine environment prolonging the deep contact between her and the baby. Through the listening of the Mom’s heart beat, the smell and the warm heat the new born baby follows the natural movements danced by the happy Mom.

Did you know that Motion after the Childbirth:

·  Prolongs the deep feelings born during the pregnancy between mother-baby

·  Helps for a Harmonic and natural psychophysical recovery

·  Slow motions and softly dance are as a deep massage for the body and a source of relaxation for the mind

·  Sharing real experiences with the tribe of the Mothers

·  Continue to feed the woman’s creative power for herself and for growing the baby with positive emotions!

A happy and healthy Mom is the best present you can give to your Baby!!!