Motion in Pregnancy




It’s vital, excitng and stimulant to read the Time like an element of the Language through which the Woman’s body speaks, communicating characteristics and variables that influence the Labour course. It’s vital and stimulant to decite “to live” the Time, without owning it but rispecting it, without the presumption of possessing it, perceiving the dynamism of birth, also when nothing seems to happen.

“Fisiologia della Nascita”, Anita Regalia



As a Midwife I see the Childbirth like a circle.
In the Circle there is not Time.
The Time’s suspension exist!
As a Midwife, when I meet the Woman during the Labour, I am out of that Circle..
I walk around the perimeter for finding the Passage, for entering in the Circle. Sometimes the door is evident and open, other times the door is hidden and it is very hard or impossible to find it.
I walk around the borders and out of the Circle there is stress, many people, noise, absence of tranquillity.
Suddenly I find the door and slide in to the Circles.
In there I find the Time’s suspension, here and now, peace!
I can understand that Woman even without words.
I connect with the Sea of the Knowledge without borders. My Hands Know where to touch, my Voice knows what to say.
The Childbirth’s intensity fills me.
There is nothing else.
Nothing Before, Nothing After, only Here and Now.

Susanne Houd, “Filosofia della Nascita”

Photo credit: Nico Nelson on Visual hunt / CC BY



In your belly there is the sea, fed by a spring of clear vitalised water that constantly embraces, protects and nourishes your child.
Water makes you soft, fluid, it cradles you and lets it all happen in its natural becoming.

Water invites you to flow with her, to let you go, to give your baby cozy environment and not to hold back… and so you expand, you are ready to welcome, open to the other, to your deep feelings, meeting intuition and joining with your Ancient knowledge of Mother.

Come to your baby, open yourself to yourself.

Warm flashes of love and endless tenderness spread and vibrate in the water, coming from everywhere.. letting your soul flourish while an endless wealth of positive sensations, feelings and emotions emerge.

Water lives all over your body: in your basin to create life, in your breasts to nourish it and in your heart to love it!

Verena Schmid, “Schwangerschaft, Geburt und Mutterwerden” 2011


The symbols that represent water are:


  • Moon: Symbol of cyclicity, individual rhythms in relation to natural rhythms, expresses potential, creativity, dominates bodyworms and of the nature, dominates feelings, ties and emotions.


  • Femininity: Water represents the feminine par excellence. The water is deep and its fascinating water world. It is extremely adaptable, receptive, wraparound, unpredictable, overwhelming, flowing around the obstacles and wherever it goes, something is born because it is a carrier of life and fertility. Her characteristics are intuition and instinctual.


  • Sexuality: her is sexual energy. The desire born from the need to expand. Like water, sexuality is fluid and fluent, it follows the road with less resistance and has the power to break down resistance and erode the rocks. We are born from water, from the sea of ​​the uterus, where the life begins!


  • Communication: the water communication is deep. Water is entrusted to messages, objects, thoughts. Bodily waters carry informants, hormones, neurotransmitters, lymphocytes and more to all body cells, making it so indispensable for a general equilibrium. Water communication is not verbal, it prefers to use sensory channels and loves emotional tune so as to represent the best way to communicate with the baby in the tummy!


  • Healing: Healing from the inside passes through the water element. Modifying deep emotions, the informers are transformed through humorous pathways bringing new information to organs and cells, resulting in changes in the functional and structural systems of the body to a new harmony. Water takes away, washes, purifies!


The Symbols of the Oriental Dance in Pregnancy

Dancing means honoring the body and life in every special event that is given to us through our energy and our feeling!

Circle represents completeness, it embraces all opposites, portraying perfection, balance and the belly that nourishes a young life. It is associated with the protection that delimits a sacred space. It  form represents the equality, each point is equidistant from the center so as to involve everyone, tending to create union and collaboration among those who are part of it. The circular motion is very deep, allows movement to any part of the body with head, shoulders, chest, bust, basin, belly, hips and hands, thus creating a dance made of only laps that besides engaging One or more parts of the body, can expand like a spiral that opens and gives and can return to the center of contraction, such as breathing, giving and receiving, in a harmony that can tickle every point of our body

Spiral represents the development, the opening, the involvement
It indicates the growth of a force that goes upwards in a cyclicity that progressively expands, it never remains the same, it grows and grows. It is a symbol of life, joy and birth, expansion that takes the necessary force from the earth and then flows into a natural and vertical vortex, as in the nature itself that with its vortices expresses extension, development, cyclical continuity in progress. The spiral is the secret of the incredible fluidity of the belly dance that distinguishes it from the other dances, which with it flows from the bottom up or vice versa and makes the end of a movement the beginning of another.

 Earth is another precious symbol of life, nourishment for nature, and for men who live in it, welcome, fruitfulness, and creation. The earth represents roots,” grounded”, anchoring on the ground, a valid support for the dancer who through his bare feet embraces the earth and receives a friendly support that gives him security and creativity.

 Water is symbol of Femininity. It represents  life, fertilization, creativity, nourishment, protection, cradling, purification, regeneration. Immersing in the water gives a sense of lightness, freedom, calm, abandonment. Water encircles us and sustains us, teaches us not to resist letting us flow, to understand that we can not control everything, “to follow the flow and to lose the fear of dancing with life, with what is happening around in that Precise moment. Water helps to know the fluidity of the movement, without tensions or breaks, in harmony with one’s own body and its own feelings, allows it to express itself through an “elastic and suspended dance in time and the only invoke in our minds this sensation once. That we have known, is enough to quickly recall our movements, this sweetness and harmony.

Fire is Male expression. It symbolizes energy, strength, but also the creation, transformation, overcoming of unconscious fears and awakening of consciousness. The fire in the dance is inside us! It is our sexuality that finds space in the language of the dance. It is the passion we discover in us and that we freely express. It is the spiritual strength that we can donate without consuming us. In Oriental Dance we can find fire in the form of energy in decisive movements, such as shots and vibrations.

The universe is an energetic set that manifests itself and communicates through Vibrations. Where there is vibration there is life.
Vibration is a powerful symbol, it is vital energy in the pure state.
The vibration of the pelvis awakens the sexual energy (creative energy) that dwells on this site (Kundalini)
In Oriental Dance, vibrations are one of the most energetic and fundamental movements. Starting from touching the feet with the ground, the vibration that radiates throughout the body is born, melting blocks, contractions and letting it flow and sprout good energy wherever it is.

The Tummy represents creativity, it is a symbol of life, renewal, cyclicity, the seat of our emotions and feelings. The belly is fed by our deep breath, in it we develop thoughts, feelings, create our own ideas and we can feed a young life that in this space will live all these emotions and vibrations.

Dance helps mom to feel the living belly, to give energy to all this creativity and for this reason it is necessary to know why it is because movement originates, even for those movements that seemingly do not seem to have him start, but it is So because of the belly it is born the awareness that directs the action giving a character to the movement that unfolds

The Navel represents the center, balance, harmony, fertility, is the point of union between mother and son and for this reason it is a powerful symbol of life because it is originated from it. In the oriental dance represents the center Of each step and from it all radiations that extend into the body through circular, swaying and spiraling figures. In the dance, the umbilicus represents a bridge between the earth and the sky, between the dancing shapes that radiate upwards and the ones that are rooted in the earth, harmonizing them and making them continuous.

Photo: Pietro Zuco on Visual Hunt / CC BY-SA


In history, for its circular shape, the Belt has had a great means of protection, like a barrier that protects it from what is external to us, preserving the most intimate, delicate and fragile part of the tummy that welcomes Life and makes it grow.


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