Dance in Pregnancy



(from 16th of February)

19.30 – 21.00

Familienzentrum KARUSSELL

Haselstrasse 6, 5400 Baden

Language: English, Italian

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Every time will be a special experience for relaxing, breathing, moving harmoniously, activating the pelvic floor, feeding the deep connection with your baby while having fun together! You will get in touch with your own body from the early pregnancy growing together with your baby until the birth and then beyond!

Accordingly to the group’s needs we will focus on the various topics about Pregnancy, Labour-Childbirth and After Birth!


February   16 – 23
March  2 – 16 – 30
April  6 – 13 – 20 – 27
May  4 – 18 – 25
June  8 – 15 – 22 – 29
from July on    (to be defined)

The Dance of the Femininity, Maternity and the Fertility

Since the ancient times the Oriental Dance (Belly Dance) has been related to the Fertility and Maternity. It was known that the rhythmic movement and the slow and soft undulation and circular movements of the pelvis of the dance facilitate the labor and Childbirth (Susanne Houd).
Nowadays it is still considered one of the best ways to give birth and it is used as a ritual in many Middle Eastern cultures where groups of women dance together with the woman in labor supporting  and protecting the childbirth.

Traditional Oriental Dance dance can be considered the most natural form of movement during pregnancy. In fact, when expecting a series of favorable conditions occur. In particular the joints become more flexible thanks to the action of hormones, allowing to learn easily the undulating and circular movements spontaneously.

Moving with the music you like energizes your body and your emotions!

The regular activity will help you stay healthy and your sleep quality will increase as well!
Above all pregnancy is a moment when the woman is naturally open to listen to her body and receives great benefits from specific movements that help her to interiorize this beautiful experience even more.

Oriental Dance has many positive effects for both the future Mom and the Baby because movements are always natural and harmonious. Nevertheless it is better to wait for the first three months to pass in order to give the body the time to perform the many changes it will go through. Afterwards the dance can be continued until the very last weeks and can be resumed after a month from the childbirth already if the delivery has been natural or after three months in case of Cesarean. (Susanne Houd)

This activity is particularly indicated to all the very anxious and super busy future moms. While dancing they will take their time to get in touch with their baby.

In addition to creating a strong bond with the baby, Oriental Dance gives many benefits to the future mom:


  • reinforces the body because it works on all the strips of muscle with particular attention to the perineum, abdomen, lumbar and dorsal muscles
  • it is good for the blood flow thanks to the continuous movement of the legs that encourages the venous back flow slowed down by the rising bump
  • protects the spinal column
  • gives a correct posture keeping the shoulders open and the pelvis forward, contrasting the typical lordosis that rises during the last months of pregnancy
  • moving arms and shoulders give the chest a good muscle toning especially helpful for the breasts when breastfeeding
  • circular and undulating movements of the pelvis are a powerful training for pelvis muscles. These will help considerably during pregnancy, childbirth and afterwards minimizing the urinary incontinence, a common problem for all the new mothers
  • preventing possible stretch marks thank to continuous stretching and contraction movements that keep the skin elastic and resistant


  • increased awareness of personal potentials: From a psychological point of view the best benefit a woman receives is to learn how to focus on her our own body becoming aware and mastering its potential during a so important moment.
    Belly dance not only gives the opportunity to feel more energetic and vital but, above all, teaches to get through the anxieties related to this phase of evolution. Sinuous movements will also make the pregnant woman to find her beauty in her new body helping considerably her mood state and thoughts.
  • feeling already a mom: During the lessons we will work with visualizations. Future mothers are welcome to create a positive reality where they interact with their baby feeling like if they were already in their arms. This approach allows to explore and express joyful feelings while letting go the fears. In fact, dancing with joy will rise the awareness in the future mothers that they will be ready to welcome their baby, holding him/her in their arms and taking care of him/her with naturalness and simplicity.
  • a more conscious and natural birth: It is during this important moment that the teachings of the belly dance give their best benefits. The strengthening obtained from the training performed during the pregnancy, helps the mom to feel she is ready to take on this challenging moment because her body knows what it has to do and, if everything evolves naturally, without any external intervention. During the labor the future mom recognizes the similarity between the rhythmic variations of the contractions and relaxation (typical of the labor) and the rhythmic contractions performed during the oriental dance. Moreover the rotatory movements together with the breathing will relief the pain of the contractions facilitating the childbirth
  • happier after the childbirth: After the childbirth the new mom can find a strong support from the belly dance. Right after the birth the dance helps to keep in touch with the body that during few months has changed so much. It will support and speed up the overall recovery. In addition dancing will create a place of joy where the mother will enjoy herself together with other mothers!



  • tribe effects ( sharing experiences with the tribe of future Moms )


Move your body and Dance together with the baby after Childbirth, when you will feel like you are ready, can be a deep and fun experience! The Mom’s embrace simulates the uterine environment prolonging the deep contact between her and the Baby. Through the listening of the Mom’s heart beat, the smell and the warm heat the new born baby follows the natural movements danced by the happy Mom.

The right moment for restarting the motion after Birth in when the Mother feels ready!

Slow Motions and soft Dance will be as a deep massage and harmonic and natural psycho-physical recovery for the Body. The Dance together with the Baby  will prolong the deep feeling born during Pregnancy between Mother-Baby and will help the Baby to enter with harmony in the new Life!

The Dance during Pregnancy and after Birth feeds the woman’s creative power for herself and for growing the Baby with positive emotions!