Milestones and Experiences

My experience and path in the charming Pregnancy and Childbirth world!


“Omphalos” Breathing Theatre (Roma, Italy)

Oriental Dance Teacher (December 2011)

Traditional and expressive dance for discovering femininity and sharing it together other Women.

Dance in Pregnancy (intensive seminary about oriental dance in Pregnancy.  September 2013)

Dance in Pregnancy (intensive seminary about oriental dance in Pregnancy. October 2016)


Perform School (Trieste, Italy)

Sound, Voice and Motion in Pregnancy (December 2016)


“Casa di Caterina” Birth’s House (Trieste, Italy)

Motion in Pregnancy Meeting (December 2016)

Seminary for professionals whom accompany Women during Pregnancy


University of Perugia (Italy)

Graduated in Physical Education and Sports

The benefits of Oriental dance in the various evolutionary phases of the woman” (July 2017)


“m.a” Studio in Baben (Switzerland)

Motion and Dance in Pregnancy Classes (From April 2017 until now)


MIPA (Birth Centre) Brescia, Italy

Motion in Pregnancy (June 2017)

Pelvis anatomy and its motion, pelvic floor anatomy, pelvic floor and breathing, motion and breathing, free motion, body awareness, stretching and mobility positions, use of the voice, motion with tools.

Methods Conduction for Accompanying Meetings Birth (June 2017)

How to organize and lead Accompay Meetings Birth (communication, group management, tools, proposals, strategies for engaging, goals, scientific evidences, evaluation).

Visualization and Relaxation in Pregnancy (June 2017)

What relaxes us, how to induce a relaxation state, how to “exit” the visualization, how to create your own, relaxation effects, management, specifics visualization about Pregnancy, Labour and Childbirth.

After Birth (September 2017)

Physiology and anatomy of the Birth, bonding, breast feeding, become Parents, affective biological basics, recognize and manage uneasiness situations affective relationships, after Birth management, how to propose support

Active Birth (October 2017, with Susanne Houd)

How to accompany and support the Labour and Childbirth, how to maintain a physiological Labour, the pain and its meaning, strategies for containing the pain (breathing, voice, motion, massages), assistance during vertical positions, Labour and Childbirth, secundines.

Breast feeding IBCLC Training (November 2017)

Breast anatomy, lactation physiology, breast feeding techniques (baby breast attachment, positions, rhythmhs and management), breast crawl, BFHI, breast feeding problems and solutions, breast feeding classifications (OMS), evaluation of the feed, breast milk (extraction, preservation and storage), efficacious communication with the Mother, international codex for breastfeeding protection.