Oriental Dance



The Oriental Dance, also known as belly dance, is a very ancient form of art. It was born as a dance with the aim to create strong bonds between women within the community. It is connected to the ancient religious cults practiced in the Mesopotamian matriarchal society where the connection to the Earth and abundance/fecundity where consider as a whole. These women used to sustain the woman in travail dancing in circle around her. Dancing was also part of the social event in particular related to the agricultural feasts.

Women, femininity and fertility have always been associated with Nature. In this frame I propose a dance devoted to get in touch with the woman within, feeling it and being in harmony with that side. As a consequence the creative capacities in both personal and social life will be enhanced!

No physical prerequisites are required and this class can be followed at every age. The only condition is the strong desire to expand the self-awareness living a new experience all mixed up with the will of having fun! I am delighted to open the lessons to the woman in pregnancy (after the third month with the consent/permission of their doctor) that could serenely practice the oriental dance taking advantage of the toning of the pelvis, perineum and abdomen while getting aware of their breathing. Rather than the psychophysical relaxation this activity will reinforce the self-esteem sustaining the woman during a phase of big psychophysical changes and at the time of the childbirth. It will also support the future mother creating a stronger bond with her newborn baby and helping her recovery.

The belly dancer experiences many psychophysical benefits. This dance develops the body, the mind and the heart! In particular the physical benefits are:

  •  improvement of blood flow and blood pressure
  •  relief of menstrual pain
  •  improvement of gastrointestinal transit
  •  increase in the flexibility of the spinal column in general (cervical, dorsal and lumbar in particular )
  •  better mobility of shoulders, elbows, wrists and knees joints
  •  general muscle toning (shoulders, abdomen, back and hips in particular) in few words: a more flexible, tone and strong body!

The psychological benefits are many:

  •  energization (development and strengthening of positive creative thinking)
  •  release of tensions through relaxation and movement (we will work with the breath too)
  •  acquisition of a better awareness of our own body and thoughts
  •  love the body perceiving its beauty, balance, fluidity, independence and freedom
  •  reborn through the consciousness of the inner femininity
  •  increase of self-esteem and in the joy of day living
  •  helps with anxiety and depression (relaxation, meditation, socialization, exercise)
  •  increase concentration
  •  stronger memory and intelligence enhancement

Oriental Dance also creates trough the Dance Group the opportunity for growing all together and sharing emotions, thoughts and experiences!

In few words:


Generally the lessons will last for one hour and a half but we are available to change the modality accordingly to the group needs.
The lessons will be organized as follows: a first part will be dedicated to stretching and strengthening of the whole body followed by the actual dance with many joyful exercises and wonderful steps. A session of relaxation and meditation helping to deeply benefit from the work done will conclude the lesson.

The lessons will be done with live drum music played with Cris

The classes will be held in English even though the true language will be spoken by our dancing bodies!


DANCE TOWN (Wettingen)

Landstrasse 99, CH-5430 Wettingen

Tel. 056 210 45 70

Beginner  Wednesday (18.30 – 20)

Advanced Thursday (20.30 – 22)

Language: English, Italian

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