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  • Pregnancy

Curses and Workshops about How and What to do for a happy and physiological Pregnancy and preparing to the natural Birth.

Through the harmonic Motion, the Breathing, the massage and the Dance for taking care to all aspects of the Pregnancy and an Active Birth!

Courses or stage is intended for Pregnant Women, Midwives, Doules and all professionis who work in the magic world of Pregnancy!

  • Labour and Childbirth (Couples)

Special path for pregnant Women or Couple for living all the best and with Joy the Labour and Childbirth.

Through the nice pelvis knowledge, breathing and relaxation techniques, harmonic pelvis movements and birth position, couple massages, Rebozo technique for containing the pain, helping the Baby to birth and living and an Active and physiological Childbirth.

  • After Birth

Easily… sweetly… slowly…  Motion and Activities for a harmonic psycho-physical recovery together with the baby.

We can meet together for knowing how take care of the body after the deep experience of the Childbirth!

Pelvic floor recovery, toning sustain muscles, about feeding breast, circles for sharing your own experience, babywearing and dance with the Baby for the Mother Health and keeping on the deep connection with the Baby born during Pregnancy

  • Funny Pelvis anatomy and Physiology

For knowing the pelvis, its space, competence and movements.

Through perception, sensibility and various activities like a plays for discover the pelvic floor and its competence, breath exercises and harmonic motion we will learn how take care of this precious female part, responsible of all side of the Woman: physical-physiological, psychic, sexual and emotional.

  • Pelvic floor during and after Pregnancy

During the Pregnancy, Labour and Childbirth, the Pelvis and the Pelvic Floor change for helping the Baby to birth.

Analysing the progressive phases you became able to take care of the Pelvic Floor during the Pregnancy for preparing it to the Birth and after Birth, for knowing what motion is useful to do for make prevention and for a harmonic recovery.

  • Relaxation and visualization Techniques

A very special meeting for discover a various relaxation techniques, from the breathing, to the visualizations and much more.

These ways represent a special and practical exercises that have a special effects on the Mind and the Body, specially during Pregnancy and Childbirth where the Woman has need to bring attention on her physical and mental energy for helping the baby to grow and to birth. A relaxion state is very important for activing awareness and strengthening the personal skills.

This workshop is intended to the pregnant Women for creating very useful tools to whom she can to access every time she feel the need and for the Midwives and Doules that accompany the Women during the Pregnancy path.

  • Breathing and Use of the Voice

Breath as a Life, Nourishment, Energy, Awareness and Knowledge.

Breath, slow motion and the Vocal Sound for discovering own being, knowing own emotion and learning how to guide them for keeping an inner balance and a deep connection with the Baby.

Practiced during Pregnancy, Labour and Childbirth, they promote a better wellness for the baby and the Mother, helping them in every moment of Discover and Growth.

  • Dance in Pregnancy

We will dance through the beautiful experience of Pregnancy. Starting from the physiology of the woman’s body we will follow all the moments of Pregnancy realizing the importance of dancing and the great benefits that can be obtained by just listening to your body and letting it move naturally.

This stage is composed by theoretical parts, where the most important concepts and phases during Pregnancy are explained carefully, and practical exercises where we explore the power of visualizations, the benefits of the natural motions of the body and finally the energizing effects of breathing combined with the dance. All this while having fun and enhancing the bonds with your baby!

This stage (6 hours) is intended for pregnant women who want to dance with their babies, for belly dance teachers, who want to expand their knowledge and skills, for Midwives and Doule, who can help even more the future mothers and finally for curious dancers looking for a deep experience beyond the traditional dancing technique.

  • Became and Be a better Father

A special space dedicated to all Men!

Every Man can be a good Father in very different ways because every Man has his own personality and style to be and relate with his Partner and the Baby.

There is not only one recipe! For a positive growth like a Husband-Father it is important to create a special connections before, during and after Pregnancy with the future Mum and the Baby.

  • Masculine and Feminine for expecting couples (motion, massage, fun plays and balance)





  • Promotion in the school





  • Activities in the Nature







  • Traditional Oriental Dance

The oriental dance, also known as belly dance, is a very ancient form of art. It was born as a dance with the aim to create strong bonds between women within the community.
In this frame I propose a dance devoted to get in touch with the woman within, feeling it and being in harmony with that side. As a consequence the creative capacities in both personal and social life will be enhanced!

No physical prerequisites are required and this class can be followed at every age. The only condition is the strong desire to expand the self-awareness living a new experience all mixed up with the will of having fun!

This dance develops the body, the mind and the heart: living with enthusiasm and creativity in a greater awareness to join you with your Femininity!

  •   Dance for yourself... and shine!!!

In this unique stage the Oriental Dancers will learn the essential tools that every dancer should know when dancing in front of an audience. Through a series of technical drama and creative games, the participants will experiment the fundamental emotions a dancer lives when interacting with an audience: We will learn how to naturally express ourselves through the Oriental dance. Individual and group exercises will help our creative side to emerge as well as to increase our self-confidence when in front of other people watching your performance. Working in a group with other dancers will be even more effective and powerful. Sharing their personal styles the dancers will grow together living this unique experience and learning new approaches and tricks for capturing the attention or finding the sweet spot between enjoinment and professionalism.

The 6 hours stage is intended for aspiring belly dancer, who wish to learn how to better manage the performance, and for advanced dancers who want to improve their skills.

  • Dancing with the Veil and double Veil

Veil is the dancer’s breath, an extension of her body, an amazing tool that enchants and enriches the dance!

Starting from the basic techniques and moving to unconventional uses, we will create elegant atmospheres and playful situations, exploring all the shades of the veil.

The participants are required to bring their own veil together with a music track of their choice. The stage lasts 6 hours in one day.

  • Fanveil

Opening and closing this magic tools, we will feed the desire to fly and to breath our dance.

Through enveloping and sparling notes we will put wings to Creativity and Female Energy.

Infinyte Space for Brave Heart!

  • Arabic Rhythm

The alchemy of the Oriental Dance is created by the fusion of the music and the dancer. The darbuka (the traditional drum) and the belly dancer have to be in harmony in order to be fluent. For this reason the knowledge of the Arabic rhythms is of great importance for an Oriental Dancer. The belly dancer that has studied the rhythms and their variations is free to fully express and able to create the best situations on stage while having fun.

In our “Arabic Rhythms Stage” we propose a series of lessons with the objective to develop the “taste of the rhythms” while creating a deep connection with the music and the percussionist.

We will learn multiple rhythms and relative variations discovering the unique atmospheres that can be created by just changing a little the speed or adding few hits to the basic groove.

Every “Arabic Rhythms Stage” is held with live music and lasts around 6 hours in one day. No prerequisites are required but for the will to let the music flow into your dancing soul.

  • Cymbals

These little metallic percussions played with the fingers allow extending even more the creativity and the dancer’s skills. The belly dancer plays together with the darbuka while dancing joining movement and sound in one unique experience.

In this stage the basic rhythms will be played with the cymbals while dancing adding flavor to the magic sound of the darbuka.

The “Cymbals Stage” lasts 6 hours in one day and the lesson is held with live music. A good knowledge of the basics rhythms is needed for advanced classes. For this reason it is strongly suggested to take the “Arabic Rhythms Stage” first

  • Oriental Gypsy Dance

Long and colored skirts turn, vibrant hands follow the sound, feet grounded jump, bright smiles warmthe heart and sparkly rhythm accompany all this for a fun discover to the Gypsy Dance!


  • Candle’s Dance and Fire

Fire Symbol: Energy, Power, Passion, Action, Creativity, Sexsuality and fearless

For who is  of attracted of the power of Fire we propose elegant oriental dance fire, or basic bolas, or fire funs for knowing with respect the Fire Element!