Perineal Activation and Relaxation


Special classes for taking care of your pelvic floor through the Motion, Breathing, Awareness and Presence. The course is dedicated to all Women, specially during Pregnancy and After Birth

The goal of this fun path is to connect Women with their intimate health and Femininity for understanding their potentials and taking care of themselves!



  • Bring attention and listen on your Body
  • Easy anatomy for knowing the pelvis in all its parts (muscles, bones, ligament, tendons, organs)
  • Know and perceive the motion of the pelvis and its muscles
  • Bring attention on the breathing and perceive the relative pelvic floor movements
  • Perinal activation and relaxation
  • Decompression of abdominal organs
  • Pelvis and Perineum activation in everyday Life, during Pregnancy and After Childbirth