These are our current stages-workshops:

Motion in Pregnancy


A Special Saturday afternoon together for knowing how the Motion during Pregnancy can represent an important way for a happy and physiological Pregnancy together with the Baby and preparing the Future Mother for an active and natural Birth!

Practical exercises, useful tools and Funny experiences for living with joy and wellness the Pregnancy in a deep connection with the Baby:

• Breathing experiences and use of the voice
• Harmonic movements for a deep body awareness
• Muscle toning for a correct posture
• Perineal Activation and Pelvis Mobility
• Soft Dance for discovering your femininity
• Relaxation Technique
• Special massage for relaxing the whole back
and containing the pain during Labour/Childbirth

The workshop is for Women at every month on Pregnancy, Doules, Midwives or Health Professionals interested to the wellness during Pregnancy.

A happy and healthy Mom is the best present you can give to your Baby!!!